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Traditional broadcast radio reaches more than 245 million Americans every day, and 91% of all demographics and Americans spend 155:32 hours per month watching traditional TV. (Nielsen State of the Media Report 2015)

Traditional advertising is not dead. However, today it gets to work hand in hand with digital marketing.  

If we need to hire people to walk around with sandwich boards for a promotion, we will. It’s all about results.

  • Ad Development
  • Trade Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • TV Advertising
  • Print

Bonus: The web is a great tool for measuring traditional advertising efforts as well. Web and mobile technology allows us to track the effectiveness of billboards, postcards and print advertisements.

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Cornerstone Advisors

Cornerstone Advisors serves an elite client base. Because the office and team represent quality and excellence, it was important that the company's collateral did the same. What makes Cornerstone different? It is all behind the front door. Their front door. Curiosity leads to prospects opening that door to learn more about what is inside. This was a true less-is-more strategy that has paid off for this company.

Penn Highlands Healthcare

After four regional hospitals merged under the umbrella of a brand new health system, a media outreach strategy was developed to take the system-wide message to the communities it serves. A broad communications plan was the centerpiece of the thinking that led the health system's leadership through the challenging process of a merger such as this. With that in place, several newspaper ads and TV commercials addressed the changing healthcare landscape and created awareness about the benefits offered through the new four-hospital alliance.

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The Community Academy of Stage & Theatre (CAST) is a theatre arts education academy aimed at serving students in the central Pennsylvania area. In preparation of CAST's opening in January 2016, MoJo Active worked with the organization to develop its brand, logo and a series of print collateral to enable CAST to hit the ground running.

When launching CAST, it was important to portray a first class image. MoJo Active enabled CTL to accomplish that goal and was an ADDY Award winner in the process. Kudos for a job well done!

- Andree Phillips, President
Community Theater League

Butler Manufacturing

The company’s ast region decided to introduce digital marketing to the mix traditionally used and engaged MoJo Active as its partner. We worked both sides of a push/pull marketing approach – Butler needed to generate interest from building owners, and they needed to push the product benefits to the independent builders that they sell through.

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