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Marketing can be overwhelming. There are tactics you may think your business should use just because everyone else is using them. But, do they make sense for your business? What process does each customer go through before making his or her purchase, and how do you ultimately reach customers in each step of the buying cycle?

Let us take a holistic look at your business objectives. Here's what you can expect this to look like:

  • Meet. An initial consultation allows us to learn about you, your business and what you need and want to accomplish.
  • Educate. Marketing is a process, not a project. We’ll show you how it can take you one step closer to meeting (and surpassing) your business objectives.
  • Strategize. We assess the situation, identify your key performance indicators and develop tactical solutions to meet our goal-driven strategy for your business.

Got a goal in mind? Let's achieve it.

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Thermal Product Solutions

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) had a unique challenge. The company needed to bring multiple brands under one website and also differentiate itself from other manufacturers that just make products and lack the organization's depth and breadth of industry experience. To accomplish this, we developed an Innovation Center area that showcases TPS as experts and thought leaders in their industry. MoJo Active helped the team at TPS realize it wasn't just offering a series of products, but solutions.

Brubacher Excavating

Brubacher is an excavating company that was going through a generational transition. The company needed to redefine its identity today as well as what it wanted to become, rather than simply relying on what had worked in the past. MoJo Active helped to identify a new direction for Brubacher through discussions with everyone from senior leadership and line workers to its customers and board members. Ultimately, we defined the strategy and path to allow the company to stand out amid the noise of other excavating companies through the use of digital and traditional media, communicating the company's key differences to the right customers.

MoJo Active initially took the time to understand how our business works and the goals we seek to accomplish. Their team has provided the framework and the tools to help us move the focus from 'what' service our clients buy to the core reasons ‘why’ they choose to do business with Brubacher. Their team cares about our mutual success enough to engage in challenging dialogue, meet schedules and help us develop the disciplines needed to sustain a communication plan.

Keith Brubacher, President
Brubacher Excavating

Bloomsburg University Foundation

This university foundation needed to educate donors and alumni. People in the community did not understand why a state institution needed additional capital. Through discovery sessions, an audit of existing communication and a number of priority-setting meetings with project sponsors, our team of strategists presented the concept of creative storytelling outlining why donor support would be impactful to the future and financial health of not only the institution, but also its students.

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