The Mission

Lee Industries continues to make the most durable, beautiful, and effective products in the processing equipment industry. When they reached out to MoJo Active, Lee Industries wanted more. More quality sales leads, more relationships, and more sales. It was up to us to understand what made them extraordinary beyond key product features. 



Services Provided

Marketing Strategy


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Email Marketing

Uncovering the Extraordinary

It was clear to the MoJo Active team that there was more to Lee Industries than the products they were currently marketing. Our research uncovered that it wasn’t just processing equipment that drew customers to them. Ultimately, it was Lee's expert insight and experience that helped their customers improve their products that turned leads into sales and loyal customers. 

Lee Industries Rebrand
Lee Industries LinkedIn

The Rebranding Strategy

Repositioning an iconic company is never easy. But we were up for the challenge. We knew Lee’s new messaging had to be an extension of who they really are – a reliable processing partner dedicated to improving customers’ processes and product quality. In short, Processing Perfection. With this as their new tagline, we moved to a 360 approach to rebrand every part of the Lee customer experience. 

Driving Sales

In sync with the brand research, we launched the "Your Missing Ingredient" campaign to communicate Lee's new message. We created tiers of product literature, PowerPoint templates for the sales team, and a full-scale lead generation program. Through Google Adwords and retargeting, LinkedIn ads and organic messaging, and email marketing, the campaign increased goal completion by 126.2% and has sustained a positive impact on driving sales for years.

Lee Industries Downloads
Lee Industries - Parts & Pieces

Parts and Pieces

  • Brand research and repositioning
  • Messaging and tagline creation
  • Elevator speech development
  • Website strategy, design, and development
  • Sales literature creation
  • PowerPoint template design
  • Full-scale lead generation program
  • Google Adwords and retargeting
  • LinkedIn ads and organic messaging
  • Email marketing




  • Joshua T. Montler, President, Lee IndustriesLead generation is the core of our marketing success. MoJo Active’s Integrate & Conquer approach has produced consistent results.

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