The Mission

Shop-Vac came to MoJo Active wanting to elevate their digital footprint and continually rise above national and international competitors. Our digital experts developed several consumer-facing ecommerce solutions to support Shop-Vac's multitude of needs as a national brand. We also developed a backend that seamlessly feeds sales and fulfillment data to their mainframe-based ERP to keep processes running smoothly and key data at the forefront. 



Services Provided

Marketing Strategy


Web + Mobile



Email Marketing

Best-In-Class Digital Experiences

We understood that Shop-Vac needed an ecommerce platform designed specifically for their consumers. We developed solutions to support Shop-Vac's multiple currencies, shipping providers, languages, and payment gateways and paired them with a seamless stream to their already established ERP. Along with enhanced fraud detection services and sophisticated state tax calculations, we've given customers a safe, user-friendly online shopping experience, no matter where they're located. 

Hardware Series Shop-Vac
Shop-Vac Sales

Driving Sales Leads

Shop-Vac wanted more than ecommerce solutions. They wanted increased sales leads to reap the rewards of an improved customer experience. To accomplish this, we developed an annual digital strategy and deployed a full arsenal of digital tactics, including contests, email marketing, PPC, organic search, digital display, and social media. We've become an extension of the Shop-Vac team as we consistently report, analyze, and take advantage of opportunities to enhance the user experience and grow revenue. 

Parts and Pieces

  • Integration with mainframe-based ERP
  • Braintree Payments
  • PaymentPutty™ Gift Card Solution
  • ShipperHQ Shipping
  • Listrak Email
Shop-Vac - Parts & Pieces

  • Larry Tempesco, Senior Vice President Shop-Vac® CorporationAs we’re busy engineering the ways the world cleans itself up, MoJo Active has been a great partner in keeping us educated and updated on the ways digital marketing advances in the world of ecommerce. This has led to continued growth and exposure of the Shop-Vac brand.

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