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Amusement Park Website and Mobile Site Get a Modern Makeover


With a nearly 90-year history of putting smiles on guests’ faces, Knoebels Amusement Resort had no problem getting their brand recognized. But there was one major area left virtually underdeveloped - the digital audience.  After bringing in a fresh Director of Marketing & Advertising, Knoebels looked to become more relevant to the younger generation and target their ever-growing mobile audience, so we embarked on a digital integrated campaign to meet their objectives.


All meetings, research and conversation started with how to build a better mobile experience. Our team built the new Knoebels website and online store surrounding a mobile design. With an improved website experience, we moved on to developing an email marketing strategy that would keep Knoebels at the top of people’s minds and encourage them to visit often and stay longer. Park and Golf Course email templates were built to distribute weekly with a feature message, weekly pricing specials, upcoming events and other promotions.  Additionally, we built an email segment for Employees to aid in their recruitment and retention through improved communication.



We continue to challenge the Knoebels marketing team on integration of every marketing channel and message driving to the website. 


1.2 million visits and 12,214 calls from a mobile device




Drove 473,099 web visits and an 18% conversion rate

MoJo Active surprised us by over-delivering on every objective we had. Their ability to strategize, collaborate and analyze their efforts provides me with a clear view of the value of my investment. And they continue to provide that value week after week as a team.

-Mary Helwig, Director of Marketing & Advertising