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Lee Industries

MoJo Active Mixes It Up For Processing Equipment Manufacturer


When MoJo Active first met Lee Industries, the industry leading processing equipment manufacturer, we thought there was more than meets the eye. We were right. 

For almost a century, Lee has made the best, most durable, most beautiful, most effective products in the industry. And their marketing messaging focused exclusively on those features. But the more we got to know Lee, the more we saw things differently. Sure, their equipment was durable. But after a bit of research, we uncovered the secret sauce: their customers were buying something different than they were selling. While durability is critical, the customers explained how that was table stakes. The game changer is how Lee shares their experience and insight to help make their customers' products better.


Then came the hard part – repositioning an iconic company away from their products. The strategy and execution had to be perfect. And we knew exactly how it had to be done. Lee’s new messaging had to be an extension of who they really are. After all, now we understood that the Lee brand is much more than just processing equipment. They go way beyond for their customers. With their experience and insight, they help their customers achieve Processing Perfection. With this as their new tagline, it expanded what was possible. 


  • Branding/Repositioning
  • Tagline “Processing Perfection.”
  • Elevator speech
  • Website strategy, design and development
  • Campaign “Your Missing Ingredient”
  • Sales literature
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Full-scale lead generation program
    • Google Adwords and retargeting
    • LinkedIn ads and organic messaging
    • Email marketing



Website Traffic

We continuously increased site traffic for two years with a sustained 8% conversion rate (lead generation).

Validation of Messaging

Potential customers have called and asked how Lee can help them make their product better (messaging uncovered through our research).

Goal Completion

Goal completion increased 126.2% providing plenty of quality leads in the top of the Lee sales funnel.

Lead generation is the core of our marketing success. MoJo Active's integrate & conquer approach has produced consistent results.

-Joshua T. Montler, President
Lee Industries