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Ecommerce Site Integrates Existing Business Systems With Modern Online Shopping Experience


The iconic American brand needed to move faster. Fashions were changing. Prices were changing. The internet was changing. The weight of their 2000s-era ecommerce platform was slowing them down – strategically and financially. So, they turned to MoJo Active for help.


Partnering with BigCommerce, the enterprise level, cloud-based ecommerce platform, MoJo Active crafted a solution that delivered contemporary design and mobile functionality to meet their customer’s expectations for an online shopping experience. 

On the back end, Woolrich needed to maintain the existing ERP system that runs the rest of the company. Like most manufacturers, they have an established AS400-based ERP that is optimized and efficient for managing inventory and accounting through their distribution. They needed an integration that gave them the best of their ERP and the best in ecommerce platforms – all on a quickly approaching deadline.

MoJo Active bridged the worlds with a sophisticated design and modern online shopping experience fed by a custom-written translation layer that automates product and pricing updates from the internal systems onto the website. But ecommerce is a two-way data flow. When purchases are made, our solution also seamlessly accounts for inventory tracking and adds orders from the site into the fulfillment system.

Throw in integrations with Braintree Payments, ShipperHQ, Listrak, and many other platforms and Woolrich’s ecommerce is set to be successful for years to come.


We spoke with many, many potential integrators prior to our launch, knowing that it would be a challenging project. Our selection of MoJo Active was on the money and was never in question throughout implementation. Every day we are impressed with their expertise and responsiveness to our requests.

Randy Carlson, Vice President, Direct-to-Consumer 
Woolrich, Inc.