04.27.17 | Creative ways to be more creative.

Why all the hubbub about creativity? Simple. In today’s oversaturated, cutthroat market, creativity ensures your company stands out from the crowd – the key to differentiating it from the competition. Bottom line: There’s a direct correlation between creativity, market share, and – here comes the good stuff – profit.

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11.23.16 | How to Write Good Content

A Step-by-Step Recipe

This recipe assumes you’ve prepped and set aside your target market research. You can write a piece of really great content, but if it isn’t relevant to your target market, it’s not going to be engaging content – and that’s the goal! Once you’re confident you know what topics a segment of your target audience is interested in, these steps will help guide your content creation.

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05.25.16 | Why Good Content Matters

And What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Everyone is talking about content – branded content, content marketing, content strategy, engaging content, content management. So what does content mean for your business, and is it really so important? There are mixed messages and definitions when it comes to content. In this post, when I mention content, I’m referring to often long-hand copy with a goal of educating.

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