Why Good Content Matters

And What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Everyone is talking about content – branded content, content marketing, content strategy, engaging content, content management. So what does content mean for your business, and is it really so important? There are mixed messages and definitions when it comes to content. In this post, when I mention content, I’m referring to often long-hand copy with a goal of educating.

Puts You on the Map

The combination of content and the Internet are a winning pair. The Internet is a door wide open to the world, and if you create content that people enjoy and share, your content can make its way to businesses and consumers around the world in an instant by way of many digital channels.

Makes You Discoverable

Creating a website puts you on the map. However, some people focus too much on a pretty design and not enough time on developing the words on each page. By doing keyword research and optimizing content with those keywords in the right places you can put yourself on the map in front of your audience. If my business has cranes available to rent, I want my website to be found if someone searches for “crane rentals.” Without the right content, there’s no guarantee you’re getting in front of your audience.

Gives You a Voice

Content provides insight to you and your brand. You know all of that stuff you say in your brand promise and your elevator speech? Content gives you the opportunity to show that in an authentic way. What tone do you want your organization to have? Professional? Comedic? Direct? Conversational? Don’t be afraid to be conversational, and be sure to tailor the content to the channel it’s on. The content you offer in a whitepaper or eBook download (often meant for print) should not be the same as the content found within the pages of your website. Reality is, writing for the web is different.

Provides an Opportunity to Demonstrate Expertise

Advertising is telling people what you do well, content is demonstrating your expertise. For example, on our website you’ll see that we have of few writers on staff, of which I am one. My writing this post is demonstrating that we have writers on staff that know how to write, and are educated on content. In addition to writing this blog post, I may also host an in-person workshop, live webinar or compose a lengthier eBook on why good content matters – all examples of content.

Gains Your Prospects’ Trust

As prospects read and engage with your content, they get a feel for your authenticity and expertise. The more they read, the more they come to see you as an industry expert, or thought leader. They begin to value what you say and they trust you. Trust is key in any relationship, but especially when your goal is converting prospects to leads.

Converts Prospects to Leads

Conversions don’t happen overnight, but they happen. Through the wonderful world of the Internet, SEO and social media, more prospects discover your content. So, as a result of good content, you have more prospects then you did before. Then, the good content sparks their interest and the more they read, the more they come to know and trust you as a company. At some point down the road, they find themselves with a problem or in need of a product and you are top of mind. Your good content is able to break through all those sales-y ads.

Remember, these are all things that come as a result of good content, not just content. Anyone can create content and post it sporadically on social media, but the results won’t be anything in comparison to what you can accomplish with knowing your audience, doing your research, creating compelling content, making a plan, following through and analyzing the results. That’s how you create good content. And good content takes a lot of time.

Good content is an investment, but it’s an investment worth making. Interested in taking the first step toward creating good content? Keep an eye out for my next blog post – “What is Good Content?” But, in the meantime, contact us to get the content conversation started today!