A Repeatable Process 
Means Predictable Results

We are very clear on what you need from us: Find people who don’t know you exist and turn them into customers. 

Our lead generation experts help you guide customers through the buying cycle. With our Vision, Vibe, and Victory approach, we bring a plan to your lead gen program so we know what success looks like at every stage and what it takes to keep the process flowing. 

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Integrate & Conquer Brochure

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Our Process


  • UNAWARE TO AWAREWhat Success Looks Like:

    Drive qualified traffic to your website landing page with activities that get your message in front of customers targeted by industry, geography, intent, and online behavior:

    • Search and Social
    • Advertising
    • Organic SEO
    • Direct Mail
    • Cold Email Blasts
    • Trade Shows
  • AWARE TO INFORMEDWhat Success Looks Like:

    Actively engage visitors and gain contact information with lead capture. We’ll monitor success and guide activities with analytics.

    • Landing Page: Target lead capture with high-value downloads
    • Content Marketing: Blogs, video, social, whitepapers, and more
    • Website: Target immediate conversion with calls or forms and Anonymous Visitor ID
  • INFORMED TO CONVINCEDWhat Success Looks Like:

    Nurture leads through the sales funnel with marketing automation (MQL) until they’re ready to talk to your team (SQL). It’s also key to retarget site visitors and companies to keep your brand and message in front of visitors who didn’t actively engage.

    • Nurture Leads: Email Drip Campaign
    • Retarget Site Visitors: Display ads on Google network sites and LinkedIn
    • Retarget Companies: Social media ads to everyone in the companies identified by Anonymous Visitor ID
  • CONVINCED TO CUSTOMERWhat Success Looks Like:

    Support face-to-face sales meetings that ultimately result from marketing efforts in the previous steps.

    • Sales Enablement: Methods and materials to assist direct sales efforts
    • Presentation Design: Powerpoint and sales literature
    • CRM Consulting: Review and recommend CRM package. Also advise on implementation and integration with marketing.

What Our Customers Say


  • Joshua T. Montler, President, Lee IndustriesLead generation is the core of our marketing success. MoJo Active’s integrate & conquer approach has produced consistent results.

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