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It's no surprise that ecommerce is growing. But here are some facts that might surprise you:

  1. In 2018, ecommerce accounted for less than 12% of retail business.
  2. B2B ecommerce currently dwarfs B2C ecommerce by more than $5 trillion.

Translation: hold onto your hat -- the ecommerce train is just getting started.

MoJo Active has ecommerce experience that dates back to the earliest years of the internet. Back when you built your own shopping cart and managed inventory manually. It's all different today, but there's no substitute for that experience. That's why we can help you integrate ecommerce into your business...not just do the technical requirements to sell stuff on your website. 

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We know what keeps ecommerce merchants up at night.

  • Integration with existing ERP systems
  • Managing the challenge of localized taxes
  • Getting shipping right
  • International sales 
  • Gift card integration
  • Warehouse management and logistics workflow
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Mobile shoppers
  • PCI compliance

Working with the leading ecommerce platforms available today (including BigCommerce and ShopifyPlus), we consult with you to get all of the implementations right. Then we help you mind the store with a rock-solid digital marketing program that's built on strategy and guided by the cold hard numbers that tell us what's working and what's not. 

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Ready to sell (better) online?
Let's get the virtual cash register ringing.

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MoJo Active bridged the worlds of a mainframe-based ERP and web technologies for this iconic American brand. A sophisticated design and modern online shopping experience are fed by a custom-written translation layer that automates the process of updating product and pricing from the internal systems onto the website. But ecommerce is a two-way data flow. When purchases are made, our solution also seamlessly accounts for inventory tracking and adds orders from the site into the fulfillment system.

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Our infrastructure is extensive, so we needed a digital partner that could perform well beyond launching a new website. Our project called for an experienced integrator that could not only facilitate our new site launch, but also build a custom middleware solution that would streamline integration with our ERP and with multiple other vendors—all with very demanding system and performance requirements.

The team at MoJo Active performed flawlessly, on-time and on budget throughout our buildout, launch and post-launch activities. The custom code written for our integration is rock solid, and their commitment to schedules and accuracy is unwavering.  They have a full understanding of the digital experience our customers expect on the front end, and know how to work the back end to meet these expectations.

Randy Carlson, Vice President, Direct-to-Consumer 
Woolrich, Inc.

The owner of was frustrated. He had worked with three digital agencies in the previous two years, and he wasn't getting the results he needed. He wasn't sure where to turn next. Then he found MoJo Active.

In the following three years, MoJo Active helped him remove complexities that were built into his web properties, and we integrated new systems to give him more visibility into his ecommerce sales -- and profit. We also overhauled his digital marketing strategies to focus on results, lowering cost per order by 10X and increasing sales to the highest level in years.


For more than 20 years, Shop-Vac has relied on our team for robust consumer-facing ecommerce solutions that support multiple currencies, shipping providers, languages, and payment gateways. We also developed the backend work to seamlessly feed sales and fulfillment data to their mainframe-based ERP. Then, we added enhanced fraud detection services and sophisticated state tax calculations.

But having the platform up and running is only half of the battle. No ecommerce solution is successful without a steady stream of qualified traffic. MoJo Active also manages the digital marketing plan to drive sales from pay-per-click, social content, email marketing, and organic search.

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