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The Community Academy of Stage & Theatre (CAST) offers a robust theatre arts education program to students and adults in the central Pennsylvania area. CAST is the educational branch of the Community Theatre League, a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) corporation. Prior to its opening, CAST needed a brand, a website and number of printed materials that communicated that brand to recruit students of all ages. MoJo Active created a series of promotional posters and banners, in addition to a website that includes class registration.

Rusty Rail Brewing Company

Rusty Rail Brewing Company had already started brewing beer and was planning to open a brewpub and brewery. The website played a key role, as it was the first impression of this new destination for many. MoJo Active developed a site that allowed incorporation of unique features for each audience – online reservations for the foodies, brewing details and beer locations for the craft beer enthusiasts, artist highlights for the live music fans, and additional information for those planning an event. We also worked with a tattoo artist to create the labels for each of their four signature craft beers sold in stores.

In the expanding world of craft beer, well executed packaging is what gets you shelf space and helps sell your product. The design team at MoJo Active put their knowledge of various printing techniques and design strategies to work for us and assisted in developing our vision into a reality.

— Myles Biggs, Marketing Director
Rusty Rail Brewing Company

Brooklyn Born Chocolate

Brooklyn Born Chocolate wanted to deliver  more retail private label customers and to also build an e-store for their consumers. MoJo Active worked with them to improve their branding and their web presence, in addition to adding an e-store. Tumbador Chocolate was especially excited about their ability to update the product assortment based on the season.