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As you know, customers rarely hire the first builder they meet. The construction industry faces a variety of challenges, from providing competitive bids to difficulties involving financing, to maintaining a quality workforce.

We develop marketing solutions that highlight what makes your company different to help you attract the right leads and minimize the time your sales forces needs to invest in selling. Our expertise spans the range of big box builders to modular home manufacturers and everything in between. Think of us as your very own marketing subcontractor.

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Brubacher Excavating

In an industry where change orders are prolific, Brubacher goes out of its way to minimize that, giving the customer more confidence in the end cost. This key differentiator led to more research about what else makes Brubacher unique in the excavating world. The result? At Brubacher, their people and process make them different. The company is not just a collection of bulldozers and equipment. This philosophy of going to market now has impact on every piece of literature and the website.

Butler Manufacturing

As the nation’s largest manufacturer of steel buildings and the industry’s iconic brand, Butler Manufacturing has a lot to talk about. But that success came with some inertia that kept the company from embracing digital marketing opportunities when they emerged in the late 90s and early 2000s.

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The diversity of Butler Manufacturing’s business requires a marketing partner that’s equally diverse. MoJo Active’s team understands both my distribution and my end customers, so with very little guidance from me, they effortlessly shift messaging and methods to hit the mark every time.

— Bruce Bortree, Business Development Manager
Butler Manufacturing

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes

MoJo Active is the dedicated digital team for Ritz-Craft, maintaining not only the company's custom website and application features, but also serving as marketing support for the company builders. Product and service information is shared digitally on the site and via email, highlighting the selling points of a Ritz-Craft custom home.