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A university has an impact on the students it serves and the communities in which they live and work. The biggest challenge facing higher education development is creating a compelling case for giving. A case that will resonate with a variety of audiences.

With 20+ years of collective work experience in higher education among its staff members, MoJo Active speaks fluent higher ed. We understand the environment and culture and what is ultimately important to a university foundation's decision making processes. It’s a partnership with a multi-layered matrix of goal-driven strategies much different than we have in most other industries.

Our team will work with you to compile a fundraising strategy to engage donors and ignite their passion for your institution.

Ready to promote the power of knowledge? Let's teach some lessons.

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Bloomsburg University Foundation

The Bloomsburg University Foundation’s mission is to support the advancement of Bloomsburg University, one of the oldest and largest universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The foundation was in need of a strategic and tactical partner to help the organization to deliver a communications plan for a monumental $50 million capital campaign. Our goal: to support the foundation in its kickoff and throughout the duration of campaign.

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The team at MoJo Active did a great job of working with our staff from both the university and the foundation. From the very beginning of our creative process they effectively identified our needs and involved the right people from their team to help create a plan that showcases the It’s Personal brand and ties it with the university and its mission.

—Doug Kleintop, Director of Development
Bloomsburg University Foundation

Susquehanna University

Susquehanna University was in the midst of a major website overhaul and, in the interim, needed a modern, effective microsite to help recruit students. Research showed that prospective students wanted to see important details on their phone, not just on paper. This highly interactive and responsive microsite features clips of professor videos and other dynamic content traditionally found in a viewbook.

Penn State Research Foundation

Penn State University puts significant emphasis on research. That research often produces intellectual property that can be patented. When this happens, the university seeks to commercialize the intellectual property by selling the rights to those patents.

However, all patents expire after a period of time. As the period of patent protection comes to an end, the value of the patent decreases. MoJo Active worked with the university to develop I-PAW - the Intellectual Property Auction Website - where patents that were within a few years of expiration were auctioned off to the highest bidder. The innovative approach, which received coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and dozens of other media outlets around the country, captured the attention of many in the academic research world.

To date, MoJo Active has assisted Penn State with two intellectual property auctions. Future auctions are being assessed and planned.