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The industrial and manufacturing world has changed dramatically over last 30 years. Today, you face added competition from offshore sources, constant pressure for innovation and thinning margins.

MoJo Active is able to alleviate some of those pain points by shifting organizational thinking from engineering to marketing. This evolution, introducing a marketing and sales process, will transform thinking from the “what” to the “why.” We know how to construct a system that not only gets you more leads, but also provides you with a process to manage those leads. Once the leads roll in, we help you to educate and inform your clients with messaging that takes those leads and converts them to customers – and then advocates.

Through a little bit of value marketing, your products, upgrades, service, and training capabilities will go well beyond commodity status. Each one will provide a distinct value to your customer. We will most assuredly bring you a top-notch strategy. And then we execute it, too.

Ready? Let's elevate your business.

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Shop-Vac® is a household name for wet/dry vacuums. The company also develops new products in other sectors, specifically trash collection and air management. MoJo Active is tasked with continually maintaining, developing, and elevating their digital footprint to highlight what makes the company different and integrating the company's messaging among national and international competitors.

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MoJo Active has come through for us on challenging projects over our relationship. I always know that we're in good hands with them, and that they will think through the ramifications of our projects. We recently added the ability to track some national ads we were running using their technology, which helps me make decisions on budget and marketing direction. And having a partner who understands how all the digital marketing pieces can work together really helps me concentrate on building my brand.

— Larry Tempesco, Senior Vice President
Shop-Vac® Corporation


This manufacturer of custom power equipment approached our team for a complex e-commerce website, including features such as multi-location shipping and a configurator that allows purchasers to customize options for more than one trillion products. Our continued work with Acopian focuses on driving quality website traffic and conversions, which is accomplished through search engine marketing and conversion rate optimization.

Thermal Product Solutions

Thermal Product Solutions wants to provide more quotes for its standard and custom equipment. In addition to helping the company secure more quotes through tradeshow advertising and online leads, we built TPS an after-market sales portal, allowing the company to sell more than 300,000 parts online to their existing customers. This custom e-commerce parts store is built with indented BOM formatting and a host of other features, allowing the organization to focus on new prospects and not the technical complexities of online selling.

Lee Industries

Lee Industries is a more than a manufacturer of durable processing equipment. But it required some qualitative research and strategic thinking from MoJo Active to help them go beyond the approach that made them one of the most recognized names in the industry. Following that work, they fully embraced a reimagined web and mobile experience and a lead generation program that continues to produce the results they need to grow the business.

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