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Whatever your specialty, people are coming to you to solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. And they're worried about managing risk. The selection of the right professional service is hinged on trust and experience. Individuals and businesses are putting their reputations and well-being in your hands.

MoJo Active knows marketing to current and prospective clients is less science and more art. We identify the best tools and marketing materials to:

  • Reach new prospects.
  • Maintain existing relationships and stay top-of-mind.
  • Encourage future referrals.
  • Establish thought leadership.

Together, we will establish your business as a resource and trusted partner for your clients.

Ready to partner for success? Let's develop a business plan together.

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Jersey Shore State Bank

Jersey Shore State Bank wanted to modernize its website, improving overall perception of the bank and its quality of service. MoJo Active worked with the company's internal marketing team to develop three new websites not just for JSSB, but also for Luzerne Bank and Penns Woods, as well. The redesign and development focused on the company's main growth initiatives, providing quality content that positions JSSB and its sister corporation as banks of choice in the region.

RHP Legal

In a world of increased solo practice attorneys, and, therefore, competition, we wanted to uncover what truly differentiates RHP Legal from other law firms. Based on our knowledge of the professional services market, we understand that clients need to identify with and trust a potential partner. Through an extensive branding exercise, we found RHP's super power and brand essence: The company inspires confidence in its clients. The RHP team members are true subject matter experts. Bringing this to the surface helps the firm to differentiate itself among its competitors.

MoJo Active was able to step in quickly and become an extension of our internal marketing team. The value of their experience and the broad range of skills they offer has expanded what we’re able to do with our advertising and marketing.

— Jeffrey Kapsar, President & CEO
Mifflinburg Bank & Trust