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There is a steady shift in the way people choose their next adventure. We’ve evolved from a world of guide books and brochures to that of social media and Yelp reviews.

Marketing opportunities continue to grow in this industry – TripAdvisor. Social media. Email marketing. The list goes on and on. The good news is that our team stays on top of those trends and other emerging digital platforms. We have one goal: to sell a distinctive experience.

We find compelling ways to help you build relationships with your visitors. It’s all about research and discovery that benefits not only your marketing strategy, but also your organization and how your organization connects with the audience to elevate their experiences. Interactive marketing via web+mobile, social media, emails … these are endless opportunities.


You provide the destination. We'll create the road map.

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Knoebels Amusement Resort

With a nearly 90-year history of putting smiles on guests’ faces, Knoebels Amusement Resort had no problem having its brand recognized. But there was one major area left virtually underdeveloped - the digital audience.  After bringing in a fresh director of marketing & advertising, Knoebels looked to become more relevant to the younger generation by targeting the resort's ever-growing mobile audience, so we embarked on an integrated, digital campaign to meet the company's objectives.

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MoJo Active surprised us by over-delivering on every objective we had. Their ability to strategize, collaborate and analyze their efforts provides me with a clear view of the value of my investment. And they continue to provide that value week after week as a team.

— Mary Helwig, Director of Marketing & Advertising
Knoebels Amusement Resort

Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau

MoJo Active led the SRVVB through significant improvements in online marketing through multiple website redesigns of desktop and mobile, launch of a custom mobile app and pay-per-click campaigns for events and destinations – as well as developed corresponding print pieces to complement those efforts. This strategy significantly increased conversions in key online and offline metrics, including brochure requests, phone calls, contact us submissions, and mobile app downloads.

Hawk Mountain

Hawk Mountain wanted to take its website to the next level to provide an enhanced visitor experience and better meet the organization’s goals. Our preliminary research and planning resulted in our approach to build and design not only the client's website, but also its Bird Finder tool. This custom site feature visually shows the location of birds from all over the world, allowing raptor conservation contributors to watch the impact of their donations over time.