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Can you say in 10 words or less what differentiates your company or organization? Does it actually make your products or services more desirable to your customers?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. It gives you the edge in your market, and, if done properly, your brand identity will resonate with your target audience. We help you to create an accurate and intriguing representation that connects with customers, partners, referrers, employees … the list goes on and on.

Our corporate branding & messaging process allows any business to identify what makes itself stand out, and, in turn, helps the organization to implement a top-notch marketing strategy.

  • Market Analysis
  • Logo
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Brand Name
  • Positioning Statement
  • Tagline Development

With some discovery, research and a whole lot of thinking, our strategists identify your organization’s purpose, personality and value proposition.

The results of this analysis? A concise definition and expression of your brand and a brand promise that will guide all other sales and marketing recommendations.

Ready for customers to discover you? Let's put your business on the map.

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Soap Expressions

MoJo Active worked with Soap Expressions, a brand of fragrances used in making homemade soaps, to stand out on retail shelves. The packaging was decades old and as such, lacked visual appeal next to its competition in the marketplace. Ultimately, the reinvented design has led to increased shelf space from retailers, which in turn has improved sales.

Hope Enterprises

In the past, Hope Enterprises tried to use a single employee position to perform an array of marketing duties. However, the organization ultimately realized it needed a full marketing team to freshen the organization's brand and communicate to the marketplace on a variety of channels. Faced with the fact that market conditions had changed from tightly controlled government contracts to a more free market environment, Hope needed to redefine itself for the communities it serves. MoJo Active developed a brand identity that focused on the organization's outcomes, communicating not just what the organization does, but more importantly, why it exists.