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Penn Highlands Healthcare

Health System Website Brings Regional Hospitals Together


After merging four regional hospitals under the umbrella of a brand new health system, Penn Highlands Healthcare needed a way to reach out and educate its community. They needed to define the “why’s and what’s” behind the merger and inform the community about nationwide consolidation trends driven by the Affordable Care Act.


Our team embarked on the larger task of merging each of the four hospital websites under the umbrella of an expansive Penn Highlands Healthcare website. Since each hospital has its own unique services and loyal followers within each local community, it was important to balance the new health system brand with the identity of each local hospital.

After the strategic website development, a media outreach strategy was developed to take the message to the communities. A broad communications plan was the centerpiece of the thinking that lead the health system leadership through the challenging process of a merger such as this. With that in place, several newspaper and TV commercials communicated the benefits of the changing healthcare landscape and created awareness about the benefits of a four-hospital alliance in the challenging healthcare environment.



Penn Highlands Healthcare experienced the benefit of MoJo Active’s diverse team of professionals, helping them with high-level strategic thinking down to the implementation details.


MoJo Active truly understood the benefits and barriers to helping us educate and inform our community about the new health system. While we relied on their expertise in website development and digital marketing, we grew to understand how we could benefit from their strategic thinking and effective messaging.

-Greg Bauer, Business Development Officer